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KCCU NetBr@nch Account Access Guide

benefits  ::  existing user registration FAQs  ::  account display FAQs  ::  transfer options FAQs
settings FAQs  ::  e-alerts  ::  FI to FI transfers  ::  additional services FAQs  ::  E-Statements
bill pay  ::  Quicken/Microsoft Money download

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To protect your identity and prevent fraudulent activity, do not share your NetBr@nch password with anyone who is not on your account. Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s online account manager, NetBr@nch, lets you conduct secure transactions on your account that you would normally do in person or over the phone. You can track your account activity and balances to better manage your finances.

Benefits include:

  • Check your balances on your Kimberly Clark Credit Union savings, checking, loan or MasterCard.
  • View pending transactions. There is a difference between actual balance and available balance. See the transactions you’ve made that have not yet posted to your account.
  • Transfer money between your Kimberly Clark Credit Union accounts under the same account number.
  • Transfer money to other Kimberly Clark Credit Union accounts under different account numbers. (This is great for parents with kids/college students who have a Kimberly Clark Credit Union account. Depending on the accountholder, balances on the other account may or may not be visible).
  • Manage all Kimberly Clark Credit Union accounts under one login. With alternate account access, you can have multiple account numbers all come together under one login.
  • Transfer funds to or from another Financial Institution to your account at the credit union. (FI to FI Transfers) This option must be requested and approved by the credit union.
  • View cleared check images from share draft account history.
  • Set up recurring transfers to savings accounts, loans or other accounts. They can be set up as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, annual or semi-annual transfers.
  • Open and name custom savings accounts. You can name them whatever you like to suit your needs. (Travel, Vacation, Insurance, Fun Money, etc.)
  • Open a Holiday Club account. You can use recurring transfers to add money to the account as often as you’d like.
  • Access e-Statements, e-Alerts, Bill Pay, Quicken download and more.
  • Catch potential account fraud instantly. Members who actively keep tabs on their accounts in NetBr@nch are more likely to catch fraudulent activity quickly as opposed to those who wait for their monthly statement.
  • There is no fee to use NetBr@nch.

Existing User Registration FAQs

  1. If I’m an existing Kimberly Clark Credit Union NetBr@nch user, do I need to register for this new system?

    No. You will use the same Username you currently use to sign in to the NetBr@nch system. If your current username is longer than 12 characters, the last character has been dropped to fit our new format.

  2. What are the User ID requirements of the new system?

    The User ID must be a minimum of 6 characters long and but no longer than 12 characters. Please note, User IDs are case sensitive.

  3. What do I use for my password on my first login?

    You will be prompted to change your password and answer new security questions on your first login to the new NetBr@nch system.

  4. What are the password requirements of the new system?

    The password must contain at least two numbers, two letters, and be a minimum of 6 characters long, but no longer than 10 characters. Kimberly Clark Credit Union recommends using at least one of the following characters: ! “ # $ % & ( ) + , – / ; < = > ? [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } * ‘

  5. Why are the password requirements different for this system?

    Our main priority is the security of your financial information. By adjusting password requirements, this ensures a more secure password.

  6. What happens if I forget my User ID?

    You can visit our office or call Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s Member Support line at 1-800-462-7777.

  7. What happens if I forget my Password?

    You can use the “Forgot Password” link on the secondary login screen. From here, an email will prompt you to select a new password.

  8. Will I have to answer all three security questions upon every login?

    No, you will only have to answer these questions upon setup or to reset a forgotten password.

  9. Why am I required to choose a special watermark?

    The special watermark is a security feature to combat fraudulent activity such as phishing. The watermark will be presented upon login and on each subsequent page of NetBr@nch. If you don’t see your watermark, or if it’s different than the photo you originally selected, please contact Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s Member Support line immediately at 1-800-462-7777.

  10. Can I change my user name and password for this system after my initial login?

    Yes, on the Personal Page under the “Settings” tab, you will have the option to update your user name and password as well as your security questions.

Account Display FAQs

  1. How do I make the KCCU NetBr@nch page my home page for future logins?

    By selecting the “Set as Start Page” option located at the top of the NetBr@nch page.

  2. Can I change the settings on the home page?

    Yes. To customize your home page settings, select the “Configure this Page” link located at the top of the NetBr@nch page.

  3. On the NetBr@nch homepage, how do I view my pending transactions?

    To view a summary of your pending or “hold” transactions, click on the “Holds” link located in the “My Accounts” area of the NetBr@nch page. To view a detailed list of pending transactions, select the “View Holds” link under the “Other Services” tab.

  4. Are pending transactions included in my available balance?

    Yes, pending transactions are included in your available balance as well as the balance listed under the “My Accounts” area of the NetBr@nch page. Please note, however, that the account activity page does not have a list of pending transactions. For instructions on how to view pending transactions, please see the previous question.

  5. On the Account Page, what is the difference between my available balance and my current balance?

    The available balance on the Accounts Page reflects pending transactions and/or account holds while the current balance does not.

Transfer Options FAQs

  1. How do I access the area to make a transfer?

    Select the “Transfers” subtab listed on the NetBr@nch home page.

  2. How do I set up a scheduled transfer?

    A one-time quick transfer can be initiated from the “Transfers” area on the NetBr@nch home page. New and/or recurring transfers can be set up on the “New” page under the “Transfers” subtab.

  3. Can I view a completed transfer?

    Completed transfers can be viewed in the “Recent Transfers” area of the NetBr@nch home page, or on the “History” page under the “Transfers” subtab.

  4. Where can I find a list of my upcoming transfers?

    A list of scheduled transfers can be found in the “Scheduled Transfers” area of the NetBr@nch home page, or on the “Pending” page under the ‘Transfers” subtab.

  5. Can I delete a recurring transfer?

    Yes. Scheduled or recurring transfers can be deleted on the “Pending” page under the “Transfers” subtab.

  6. How far in advance can I set a transfer to occur?

    Transfers can be set to occur up to 10 years in advance.

Settings FAQs

  1. How do I find the settings area?

    Settings are located under the “Settings” tab.

  2. What can I do in the settings area?

    Within settings, you’ll be able to customize most aspects of your NetBr@nch dashboard, including your profile, contact notifications, actions, settings and more.

  3. Can I change my User ID in this system?

    Yes. Simply use the “Change User ID” feature on the “Personal” page under the “Settings” tab.

  4. What can I do on the “Alerts” page?

    The “Alerts” page under the “Settings” tab allows you to set up your personal email addresses and mobile phone numbers to receive pertinent account information as it occurs.

  5. What notification options are available in the upgraded NetBr@nch system?

    Many notification options are available in Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s new NetBr@nch system. You can choose to be notified when your balance falls above or below a certain predetermined dollar amount, and you can set up alerts pertaining to debit card transactions, drafts and ACH items, and security. You can also set personal alerts that will send you a preselected personal message on the date of your choice.


You must be enrolled in NetBr@nch to set up and edit e-Alerts.

With Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s e-Alerts, you can have account activity alerts sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address the same day it happens.

You can create the following types of e-Alerts:

  • Payroll Direct Deposit alert – Know when a direct deposit has been credited to your account.
  • NSF/Courtesy Pay Alert – Get alerted to any overdraft, Courtesy Pay, or nonsufficient funds activity and the amount of the transaction.
  • Checking/Savings Low Balance Alert – Input a minimum balance for your checking or savings account. If the account falls below that balance, an alert is sent to you.
  • MasterCard/Line of Credit Balance Alert – Know what your balance is on a MasterCard or revolving line of credit.
  • Loan/MasterCard Payment Due Alert – Decide how many days before the due date you want to be notified.
  • Checking/Savings Transfer Alert – Know when a transfer has occurred.
  • Loan Transfer Alert – Know when a transfer or payment has been made to a loan on your account.

There is no fee for e-alerts; however, text messaging fees from your phone service provider may apply. Please refer to your mobile phone company agreement regarding text message fees.

Financial Institution to Financial Institution (FI to FI) Transfers

FI to FI Transfers allow you to set up transfers in NetBr@nch between your Kimberly Clark Credit Union accounts and accounts at ANY other financial institution.

Once established, you can send money between accounts using our secured, online service. You can set up one time or recurring transfers and track them right on your NetBr@nch homepage.

For your security, FI to FI Transfers must be activated on your account before this service can be accessed. Please contact our Member Service group at (800) 462-7777 to request the service.

Additional Services FAQs

  1. Where are my E-Statements located?

    E-Statements are located under the “E-Statements” tab.

  2. How far back will you keep my e-statements stored in NetBr@nch?

    E-Statements will allow you to access your last 24 months of statements.

  3. How do I access Bill Pay?

    You must have a checking account at Kimberly Clark Credit Union to use this service. To access Bill Pay, go to the Bill Pay tab. From there you will be directed to Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s Bill Pay platform.

  4. Can I apply for a loan on Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s new NetBr@nch?

    Yes. To apply for a loan, select the “Loan Application” link located under the “Additional Services” tab.

  5. Can I update my address on Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s new NetBr@nch system?

    Yes. To update your address, select the “Change/Update Address” link located under the “Additional Services” tab.


You must be enrolled in NetBr@nch to access e-Statements. There is no fee for this service. Once you enroll, you will have access to 11 months of your e-statements and KCCU Newsletters.

Benefits include:

  • Your statement is ready by the 5th of the month, often earlier.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft by keeping your sensitive account information out of your mailbox.
  • Access past statements up to 12 months. Just login and select the statement you’d like to view and print.
  • You will be notified by e-mail or text alert when your statement is ready. No sensitive information is in the e-mail or text, just a notice that you can login at your convenience to view your statement.
  • Saves the expense of paper and postage. Many members who are avid online users rarely look at their statement. This is a great way to save paper and postage costs while enjoying the perks of online statements.

Bill Pay

The best way to get organized is to keep everything in one place. Rather than go from website to website to pay bills at vendor sites, use Kimberly Clark Credit Union’s free Bill Pay service and pay them all from one place. Whether you pay electronically or choose to send a check, Bill Pay can handle the transaction.

You must have a Kimberly Clark Credit Union checking account and be enrolled in NetBr@nch to use Bill Pay. There is no fee for Bill Pay. Same day and next day payments are available depending on the payee/receiving company’s ability to accept these payments.

Benefits include:

  • Pay anyone you would normally pay by check.
  • Make same day and next day payments. Schedule a payment before 10 a.m. and it can be sent the same day. Schedule it after 10 a.m. and it can be sent the next day.
  • Pay from any Kimberly Clark Credit Union checking account that you own. Contact Member Support at 1-800-462-7777 and they can set you up with additional checking account access.
  • Schedule bill reminders so you never forget recurring due dates.
  • Set up recurring payments. If you know the exact amount and the due date, let the payments go automatically each month.
  • Schedule advance payments. You can schedule payments up to one year in advance and as little as one day in advance.
  • Receive your bills by e-mail to cut down on identity-sensitive mail in your mailbox.

Need to transfer Bill Pay to a new Kimberly Clark Credit Union checking account? If you already use Bill Pay at Kimberly Clark Credit Union and you’d like to transfer the payments from your existing checking account to a new checking account, just contact a Member Service staff member at 1-800-462-7777.

Quicken/Microsoft Money Download

If you keep track of your monthly income and expenses in a financial software program like Quicken or Microsoft Money, you can download your information straight from the Kimberly Clark Credit Union NetBr@nch site. You must be enrolled in NetBr@nch to download your account information.

Benefits include:

  • Reconcile your account easily and quickly. By simply downloading your account information, you can easily find and compare matching transactions and new transactions.
  • Quicken Web Connect transfers straight to the software. If you use Quicken, just select Web Connect and the transfer will automatically go straight to Quicken
  • Don’t worry about duplicate transactions You can approve, deny or edit any transaction that is downloaded before it is added to your software program.

There is no monthly fee for Quicken or MS Money Downloads. You must login to NetBr@nch to download your account information. Downloading into Quickbooks software is not available at this time. NetBr@nch does not support Quicken 2012.

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